JH Carpentry was established in 2009 by James Haycock, a Jersey man who recognised the need for greater personalised service and creative design in the carpentry industry.

Over the past 10 years, James has passionately grown the company not only in its size but within their services, expertise and immaculate standards of workmanship.

We love being able to create something to a personalised brief so bespoke design has definitely become our forte. We will never produce off the shelf products but instead, make everything individually by hand as a one off on request.

Working with wood is one of the oldest traditions known to man but despite its history, it's really important to us to evolve the possibilities of the trade whilst staying true to traditions.



We follow traditional designs and methods but by using modern specialist tools and design methods, we can experiment with shapes, materials and products whilst still achieving that professional, neat finish in what the client has requested.

It’s a very raw process when you're working with a naturally grown material but there is so much versatility in what you can achieve.

We have a lot of returning customers now as from an intricate design brief and concept to an exceptional finish, we hold ourselves consistently to the highest standard of workmanship throughout

Our Team

Working with what can often be a temperamental material can be challenging so that's why teamwork is so crucial, everyone can bring in their own ideas and concept to achieve something quite special. There is a real sense of achievement to take a step back at its completion and appreciate a finished product together.


James Haycock


As the conductor behind the orchestration, James has grown the company from a hopeful idea into a successful reality motivated by his expertise in bespoke design and intricate joinery. Most often seen flanked by his bestest boy, Buddy the Yorki-Poo, James has 10 years of carpentry under his belt with the self belief and dedication to expand with each year.

Not only does he steer the company in the right direction evolving ideas to offer greater services, he also trains the team who are able to deliver his equal standard of work.


Miguel De Gouveia


Every team has got to have a fun loving jokester and Migi, who everybody warms to, fills those boots expertly. He doesn't let his class clown antics get in the way of his motivation and drive for success with the belief that the confidence JH hold in their quality of craftsmanship gives them their individuality. Hes resourceful and inventive going by “If plan A doesnt work, the alphabet still has 25 more letters, stay cool.” Migi certainly does.

Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn


Tom represents JH Carpentry's expectation for hard work and customer services with a willingness to go that extra mile for clients. He has a passion for his craft and dedicates himself to develop his skills and ideas with especial interest in working with oak. Without taking life too seriously yet not for granted he “Doesn't count the days, but makes the days count” Muhammad Ali style.


Grant Monaghan


Grant’s role is crucial to upholding the standard and finish of work at JH Carpentry. He has an experienced efficiency and wise eyes which give an expert completion to the craftsmanship and designs the company produce. He feels that the team spirit and strong friendships that are bonded through work make this company different from others. Grant is a real creative with a broad background scope of the trade which he continues to establish by developing his skill set with JH Carpentry.


Billy Joe Swinburne


Billy Joe has been a qualified carpenter for 10 years and joined JH Carpentry through a mutual friend. He enjoys a challenge and progressing his skills. He has that cheeky charm and is passionate about motorbikes and travelling.

Billy has had many interesting projects but his most recent one was a Greenhouse replica from the 1940’s.


Liam Griffith


Liam from Jersey is the “quiet but gets stuck in with work” Apprentice,. He heard about the business and liked what he saw when he applied.

Although he is still quite new to the woodworking industry he has really become part of the JH family.

Liam loves, like the rest of us, a hot holiday and watching rugby as long as you ‘put the kettle on!’


Marcio Faria


Marcio, from Madeira, is the hardworking smiley friendly Carpenter that everyone loves. Takes on responsibility, coming up with new ideas and solving any problems that may occur.

Enjoys spending time with family and friends but hates the colour red! And peppers.




Mostly seen flanked by his favourite human James, Buddy the Yorki-Poo, or more commonly known as Sir Buddy Wigglesworth III is the most gentle of gentledogs in the canine corner. This inquisitive chap, whose pawed his way to 2nd in command at JH, is the cuddle provider, morale booster and security personnel for the company. His specialist skill set is tennis ball detecting and networking with new clients through sniffs, pats and appreciative tail wags. This little guy loves playing with the bigger pups on site and is renowned for his unbeatable banter

“Every dog has its day, unless his tail falls off, then hes had a weak-end” Classic Buds.